Sacred Self love Clearing

Sacred Self Love Clearing Ritual

It supports you in letting go of all the energies that are in your system, mind and body but that do not belong to you. To clean your energy and then have space to nurture your inner home so all your magic and energy again can bloom. 

This is a really powerfull ritual for the powerful ladies who go trough a day sensing everyone around them.

This is for you if you take on a lot of stress, responsibly and emotions from others.

You might be really good at knowing what her people long for - you have a super power in support others. Maybe so much that you loose a sense of self sometimes. This is very normal for sensitive being, empath, light workers and leaders. If you recognize and you want to just FEEL you and feel FREE and LIGHT again. This is for you! 

This ritual is a self love practise that really works like magic‍♀️

You will: 

  • Feel so much lighter afterwards 
  • You feel, soft loved and at peace afterward 
  • you feel safe and my own experience is a I can hear my own creativity, wisdom and knowing so much stronger. 
  • It reduces the feeling of stress like ALOT (I use this a lot) 


It includes: 

An audio  introduction to energy work and how to influence your energy(10 min) 

A powerfull clearing meditation ritual (20 min)

3 powerfull tao suggestions to make the ritual even more powerfull. 

I know how powerful this ritual is for me, and I know it will be too for you. I am so sure not can support you that you get you money back no problem if it does not serve you 

With Love 


ritual - rens din energi